In a truly unforgettable moment at the Grand Ole Opry, country music star Craig Morgan, aged 59, made a surprising decision to reenlist in the U.S. Army Reserves as a warrant officer. This historic event marked the first commissioning at the iconic home of country music in Nashville, Tennessee.

Expressing his emotions ahead of the ceremony, Morgan shared, “I feel like an 18-year-old kid, I can tell you. I’m excited, nervous, but humbled. I’m humbled for the opportunity.”

ImageHaving served more than 17 years, with almost a decade on active duty, Morgan had previously stepped away from the military. However, after performing at a military fundraiser a year ago, he expressed his regret about leaving early. The tragic loss of his son, Jerry, in a tubing accident in 2016, seemed to have influenced his decision to return to service. He encouraged those who disagree with certain politics to put their differences aside and consider the higher purpose of joining the military.

During the ceremony, as Morgan was sworn in, Army Forces Command Commander Gen. Andrew Poppas emphasized that every soldier has the chance to become the best version of themselves, and Staff Sgt. Morgan is no exception. As a new reservist, he will be assigned to Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, but he will continue touring, with several shows planned for the military in the coming months.

Beyond his music career and military service, Morgan has also served as a Sheriff Deputy and was recognized for his heroism in saving two lives in a burning house.

Moreover, Craig Morgan’s connection to Welcome Home Military Heroes adds another layer of admiration. Robert Tolan Jr., Co-Founder of Welcome Home Military Heroes, had the privilege of attending about half a dozen of his concerts. Reflecting on those experiences, Robert shared his profound admiration, stating, “Craig Morgan would travel around the world performing for our Military Heroes for free. But his concerts were not like typical concerts. Matter of fact, sometimes you would forget you were at a concert. It always felt like you were at a friend’s house, and he was there just singing some amazing songs. In between songs, he would walk around and talk to the Soldiers and their families. By the end of each concert, I felt like he was a friend.”

Tolan continued: “His actions are truly monumental, not just for himself but for the entire Army. It’s awe-inspiring to see a man of wealth and fame willingly put his life on the line for our country. His dedication is truly admirable. Moreover, the Army can leverage his status as a recruiting tool, just as they did with iconic stars like Elvis in the past. This could be the perfect solution to address the current shortage the Army is facing. Having a well-known figure like him on board could attract more individuals to join the ranks and serve our nation.”

Impressively, Morgan supported Welcome Home Military Heroes by signing gear for auctioning to raise money for Central Coast Veterans.