Los Alamos, CA: On the morning of Veterans Day, one of our founders woke up with an idea to honor our Military Heroes through a social media campaign. “It was something that I just thought of when I was laying in my bed. So, I rolled over and grabbed my phone and posted about it.”
He called it “Veterans of the Central Coast.” His first post was a female Veterans that Welcome Home Military Heroes welcomed home back in August and was from San Luis Obispo. After that it was all history. The campaign blew up spreading all across the Central Coast of California.
“I started receiving messages every ten or fifteen minutes. Than I realized people were commenting and wanting to give a shout out to a family member or a friend so I had to get those pictures and information about the Veterans.”
Within three hours of the campaign starting the views on Welcome Home Military Heroes Facebook page was up 300%. Hundreds of people were sharing the photos and thousands were viewing it. With the huge success he had to make a decision to extend the campaign for another 48 hours. When the campaign ended, Robert Tolan Jr, the Co-founder, Vice President and Social Media Campaign manager took the page to record numbers and saw an increase of 950% of views.
“It was honestly the best decision I made. I can’t believe how big it got. I have had several people who I don’t even know one up to me in public telling me they loved the campaign.”
Tolan Jr. doesn’t plan on waiting another year to do this again. He has already planned two more campaigns to do something similar. If you would like to submit a photo and information for the new campaigns, please send Welcome Home Military Heroes a message on their Facebook page.
New Campaigns:
1. Deployed Heroes of the Central Coast
a. Campaign will start on December 22 and run through December 24
b. Will be posting local Military Heroes who are deployed or stuck at their duty station for the holidays and can’t make it home.
2. Fallen Heroes of the Central Coast
a. Campaign will start and run during Memorial Day Weekend
b. Will be posting our local Military Heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in a war zone.