Guadalupe, Calif. – Welcome Home Military Heroes provided the flag line for a local WWII Veteran that passed away. They also had a few trucks in the Military escort. Below is the story from KCOY.

SANTA MARIA, Calif. – War hero Bindo Grasso was laid to rest on Saturday in his home town of Guadalupe at the American Legion Hall. The memorial was held with an honor guard tribute.
“I’m feeling more pride than anything. I am very touched as well as the rest of our family at the outpouring of love and respect for my grandfather, ” said Bindo Grasso’s granddaughter Stacy Moody.

Generations of Grasso’s family paid their respects and celebrated a man that was beloved.
“He always had a smile on his face, he was always making jokes, he was so full of life all the time and everyone loved him,” said Grasso’s great-granddaughter Amanda Bledsoe.
Grasso was the last surviving pathfinder American paratrooper. He along with two others dropped behind enemy lines on the night before D-Day, the largest seaborne invasion in history.
He laid markers down so the air fleet could find their way. A day that marked the beginning of victory over Nazi control during World War II.
A fellow paratrooper remembers Grasso, who he says was the best in his troop.
“Once a paratrooper, always a paratrooper and Bindo was a first-class one,” said 82nd airborne paratrooper Rudy Galvan.
The Patriot Guard and American Legion Riders, as well as Band of Brothers non profit, were among those honoring him.

“It’s a sad moment but its also very heartwarming to know this many people knew him and wanted to be here to support him,” said Grasso’s great-granddaughter Victoria Lyons.
A flag line was displayed as his family and loved ones brought Grasso for his last salute.
“Mission accomplished, he can rest now,” said cried Moody.

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