Ready to make a meaningful impact? Welcome Home Military Heroes is seeking passionate individuals like you to join our volunteer team. 2023 marked one of our most successful years, with over 1200 Military Heroes honored worldwide. As a family and Veteran-run nonprofit organization, we’re determined to increase our support for Veterans in 2024 and beyond. To achieve this goal, we need dedicated volunteers. Explore the positions available:

1. Regional Coordinator – The Regional Coordinator plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our nonprofit within their designated region. Responsibilities encompass leading events, networking and promoting the nonprofit in the area. Oversight of events such as Veteran Vehicle Salutes, Flag Lines, Military Funerals, and more will be integral to your role. Close collaboration with our Events Coordinator is essential for effective coordination and execution. Your dedication and leadership will significantly contribute to the impact and outreach of Welcome Home Military Heroes in your region.

We are currently seeking four Regional Coordinators to join our team—two for North and South Santa Barbara County and two for North and South San Luis Obispo County. As a Regional Coordinator, you will collaborate closely with your counterparts in other regions to enhance and improve the overall effectiveness of our mission. This teamwork ensures that each designated region operates smoothly and efficiently, contributing to the collective success of Welcome Home Military Heroes.

2. Grant Writer: The Grant Writer plays a vital role in securing additional funds for our nonprofit. Responsibilities include researching, writing, formatting, and submitting compelling, high-quality grant proposals to various funding agencies, including federal, state, and private foundations. The Grant Writer applies their knowledge of fundraising methods and plans to reach specific financial goals, with the primary objective of bringing in funds to support the diverse missions of Welcome Home Military Heroes. Through their efforts, the Grant Writer contributes significantly to the financial stability and continued success of our organization, enabling us to better serve and honor our military heroes.

3. Communication Director: The Communication Director plays a pivotal position steering the creative direction of our newsletter, weaving compelling narratives that captivate our audience. Their contributions to our website promise dynamic and engaging content, ensuring our mission is effectively communicated. Actively reaching out to local newspapers and TV stations, the Director builds partnerships to amplify our impact and spotlight our accomplishments and events. Furthermore, the Communications Director plays a key role in fostering strong ties with our sponsors, establishing collaborative relationships that are essential to the success of our nonprofit’s mission and initiatives. Working closely with our social media manager to craft persuasive and engaging posts, creating a seamless and impactful online presence that resonates with our audience and enhances community engagement.

3. Veteran Angel Tree Coordinator (URGENT): Take the reins from Julie London, who has been a cornerstone of our Veteran Angel Tree program. Julie will be relocating out of state later this year, leaving a significant gap. We are seeking a dedicated individual like you to step into this role and continue the legacy of bringing joy to our veterans during the holidays.

4. Veteran In Need Coordinator: VIN holds a pivotal role in our organization, spearheading efforts to address the needs of local Veterans and their families. They actively collect requests from various veteran nonprofit organizations and government agencies, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges our veterans face. Taking charge of the coordination process, the coordinator is responsible for securing the necessary items or mobilizing volunteers to fulfill these needs promptly. Their dedication ensures that veterans in our community receive the essential support they require, reflecting the core values of Welcome Home Military Heroes.

2. Social Media Coordinator: Social Media Manager is a key player in our dynamic social media team. Collaborating closely with Robert Tolan Jr, they craft engaging content for platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and X. Their role involves managing these platforms, fostering connections with our audience, and actively responding to comments and messages. With a finger on the pulse of our online presence, the Social Media Assistant Director plays a crucial part in amplifying our impact and reaching our community effectively.

5. Fundraising Coordinator: The Fundraiser Coordinator is a key figure in our nonprofit, spearheading the organization and execution of fundraising initiatives. Their role encompasses the development of creative and effective strategies to secure the financial stability of our organization. Collaborating with team members, they coordinate auction items for fundraising events, ensuring seamless and successful campaigns. The Fundraiser Coordinator plays a crucial role in garnering support, engaging donors, and contributing to the overall success of our mission through strategic and impactful fundraising efforts. They work closely with the Event Coordinator and Sponsorship Coordinator to ensure successful fundraising events and collaborate with the Social Media Manager to implement effective online fundraising campaigns.

10. (FILLED) Scholarship Coordinator: The Scholarship Coordinator plays a crucial role in liaising with Veteran coordinators at local colleges, assisting in drafting scholarship requirements, promoting the scholarship within the local college community, and actively participating in the selection process to identify deserving scholarship recipients.

11. Sponsorship Coordinator: The Sponsorship Coordinator is a pivotal role within our nonprofit, working collaboratively to cultivate and maintain relationships with sponsors. They play a vital part in securing financial support for our organization’s initiatives. Responsibilities include reaching out to potential sponsors, coordinating sponsorship packages, and ensuring our sponsors receive recognition and appreciation for their contributions. The Sponsorship Coordinator is an essential team member, contributing to the overall success of our mission through strategic partnerships and effective sponsorship engagement.

You do not have to be a Veteran or affiliated with the military to volunteer. If you are interested in one of these roles, reach out to us directly. The board will review and approve all potential members.

Let’s continue making a positive impact on the lives of our Military Heroes together. Join Welcome Home Military Heroes in our mission to honor, support, and uplift those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.