In the spirit of spreading joy and warmth during the holiday season, Welcome Home Military Heroes (WHMH) is once again organizing its much-anticipated Veteran Angel Tree Program. This heartwarming initiative, launched in 2018, has grown exponentially, touching the lives of over 870 Veterans and their families in the past few years.
The goal of the program is simple yet impactful: to extend a helping hand to Veterans and their families, ensuring they experience the joy and magic of the holidays. This year, WHMH has set an ambitious target to assist over 280 Veterans across the Central Coast.
Collaborating with local and federal government agencies, as well as other Veteran organizations, WHMH compiles a list of Veterans and their specific holiday needs. Cheryl Tolan, Co-Founder of WHMH, shares insight into the program, saying, “Some Veterans face financial challenges, making it difficult for them to purchase gifts for their children. That’s where our community steps in to make a difference.”
Dennis Hennessy, a dedicated board member of WHMH, expresses the significance of community involvement, stating, “The Veteran Angel Tree Program is a testament to the power of community coming together. It reflects our shared commitment to ensuring that no Veteran feels forgotten during the holiday season.”
Julie London, another passionate board member, adds, “The Veteran Angel Tree Program embodies the spirit of community and compassion. It’s a beautiful way for us to come together and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who have served our country.”
Robert Tolan Jr., Co-Founder and COO of WHMH, emphasizes the local impact of the program, stating, “All the veterans we are helping this holiday season are located on the Central Coast. This means each tag you take and purchase items for is impacting a Military Hero located in our backyard.”
The heart of the Veteran Angel Tree Program lies in the Christmas trees located at seven different locations across the Central Coast. These trees are adorned with tags, each representing a Veteran’s holiday wish. The tags contain items ranging from clothing to grocery and gas gift cards, with a special focus on gifts for the children.
Participating in the Veteran Angel Tree Program is a simple yet impactful process. Individuals interested in contributing to a brighter holiday season for Veterans can visit one of the designated locations, select one or more tags from the tree, purchase the requested items, and return them unwrapped to the same location. All contributions must be returned by December 11th to ensure timely wrapping and distribution.